About Us

Right now... OPST is me--Derrick Babb. And I am adept at the breadth of IBM Maximo consulting; from architecture and implementation to process improvement and customization.

My expertise is turning around failing Maximo implementations. I have now helped one Fortune 500 company and a couple others get their Maximo implementation turned around. I help clients streamline complex business processes through Maximo while simultaneously delivering a simplified user experience. My motto is "simple, not simplistic."

The relentless pursuit to help organizations achieve the best possible balance between effectiveness and practicality, to drive towards the best possible products and services, to manifest the best possible companies and governments, and, in the end, to serve The People as best possible is the mission of Operational Streamlining.


  • Columbia Pipeline Group
  • Enbridge Energy
  • TransCanada
  • Aristocrat Technologies

...and more coming soon!