Operational Streamlining

Efficient, Effective Maximo

Our systematic approach
to IBM Maximo emphasizes:


  • Maximo is paperwork--get in, get out
  • Data must be concise and complete
  • Eliminate, automate, or simplify


  • On-demand micro-training
  • Granular workflow
  • High-value customization
  • Performance and reliability with clustering


  • Streamline processes
  • Move towards predictive maintenance
  • Increase utilization via acceptance
  • Maximize ROI to justify Maximo $$$
Start with a plan

New to Maximo? 1) Structure and compile seed data outside of Maximo. 2) Run a pilot; use OPST Maximo SaaS at no cost. 3) Rollout with a subscription--not licensing--that matches your needs exactly.

Simple, not simplistic

Out-of-the-box Maximo is complicated and has poor user acceptance. It is screens upon screens obscuring the underlying business processes. This complexity can be mitigated with straightforward configuration changes to simplify screens and a well-devised workflow that walks users through complex processes. No customization required.


Developing custom code that runs within Maximo should be avoided. These projects are expensive and difficult to maintain--no way around it. That said, this is our core business; the benefits can be enormous when done well. Allow us to guide you through the Maximo Configuration-Customization Spectrum, how to avoid customization, and when customization is appropriate.

Robust infrastructure

It is Tuesday afternoon and Maximo has ground to a halt. What could it be? A report? A cron task? An external system? The mobile solution? One of the keys to a successful implementation is a robust infrastructure leveraging horizontal and vertical clustering. Our accelerators can get a new clustered environment up and running in a few days.


We are looking for organizations interested in rigorous, industry-specific optimization. Contact us to discuss an exploratory engagement.